About My Work

My work is the result of a state of permanent wandering. As wanders never end, mine usually stem from observations of daily life. I believe, that everyday life is not properly appreciated, whereas on the contrary, breaks from routine are overrated. Therefore, people's daily choices, ideas and activity are my main source of inspiration.

I extract my subjects from intimate and personal environments where I live. I find it fascinating to engage with stories of people and places that host me, even for a short period of time. There is always something behind the obvious, a small or big detail that invites my imagination. For me that is the eternal challenge of going beyond the obvious, partaking and sharing my personal views and understanding with others about the reasons behind what goes on in everyday life and peoples' interactions.

About Me

I come from Greece, 'the country of one thousand and one' islands and more . I lived in the historical city of Ioannina until finishing my bachelor education in Visual Arts and Sciences of Arts (Ioannina University). After that, it was time to discover a whole new world, a bit flat, but still very tempting. This was when I first came to the Netherlands to follow a Master Program in Fine Arts at the Utrecht School of Arts. Over a period of several years I attended very inspiring and fruitful seminars, participated in exhibitions, participated in other artists' projects, made my own projects, was an artist in residence and also worked part- time in different galleries and art spaces. After I decided that I have learnt enough to start my career, now I am a full time freelance artist working with photography and have chosen Norway as my living and working place.

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